controversial agent Chris Okeyo Obure has been standing out as truly newsworthy for all the wrong reasons. He shakes his firearms at the smallest incitement. Obure has in the past said that he is untouchable and cops can’t do anything to him.

We investigate the man who reigns devastation in Nairobi..He is matured 37.He was a previous Dining Hall skipper at Mbita High School

Obure is a land head honcho who is said to be worth millions.He possesses a multi-million house in the upmarket Lavington home

The agent claims three top of the range vehicles esteemed at more than 20 million.Obure is in the gold business

He worked for Paul Kobia as Chief Strategist and Director of Business Development in the Kobia’s Great Lakes Group of CompaniesThe two dropped out after Obure squealed on his supervisor million dollar con session of exchanging non-existent gold and in the process swindling clueless purchasers a huge number of dollars

He once boasted to writers that he can make Shs1 million in under a week

He was compelled to escape the nation because of a paranoid fear of his life after police neglected to place him in the witness security program

His arrival to Kenya 5 years back has been damaged by instances of abuse of his guns on unprotected Kenyans


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