3. Headed out by for near 2 months by street from Kenya to Benghazi, Libya, on his way to the US

While acting as an educator, Macharia connected and was acknowledged as a feature of the J.F Kennedy Tom Mboya understudies Airlift gathering of 1962. Be that as it may, not able to raise everything of cash required for the air ticket, he went by street, for near two months to Libya, loaded up a ship to England and flew from England to the US. It is while in the US that S.K got his BA in Political Science, BSc in Accounting and a MSc in Accounting/Finance.

4. Once lived as a road scrounger

After his mom passed on in Kenya, the family; Macharia, his sisters and his dad moved to Arusha. While there he stayed with the of youthful Maasai herders. He was with them in the shrubs when the provincial government announced a State of Emergency in Kenya and augmented the crackdown on Mau nonconformists into Tanzania. They chose to powerfully repatriate the Kenyans in Tanzania back to their nation.

This was 1952. When he returned to their home in Arusha, he thought that it was scorched to the ground and his family gathered together and gone. He remained with youthful Maasai herders who wandered about for a long time when he understood that they had meandered to a place close Thika. He remained behind, and for quite a long time, moved around, searching for sustenance left overs in the market as he followed his way back to his genuine home, Ndakaini.


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